Lord of the Rings Violin


22nd November 2022

To feature in the December Musical Instrumnet auction on the 8th December 2022 will be this violin which fetured in the music of the Lord of the Rings triliogy film.

The Hardanger violin can be heard on Concerning Hobbits, the second track of The Fellowship of the Ring and is estimated betwenn £3000-6000.



*The vendor of this instrument, Dermot Crehan, used this instrument, thought to have been made by Helland, for a solo instrumental piece for the main theme tune of Lord of the Rings, the epic film trilogy. The instrument was specifically chosen by Dermot for the films' soundtrack after Howard Shore (composer of the soundtrack) made a special request that he should acquire a Hardanger fiddle. Howard was particularly impressed by the haunting sound that the Hardanger produces and felt that this sound would very much be in empathy with the spirit of the film. The fiddle has since become known as 'The Rohan Fiddle' after the name of the main theme tune of Lord of the Rings. it can be heard particularly clearly 30 seconds into 'Concerning Hobbits', the second track of the first film, The Fellowship of the Ring.

Dermot Crehan was born in Dublin into a family steeped in the traditional music of Ireland. His formative years were spent making the hay, cutting the turf and generally getting in the way of his uncle Junior's farm near Milltown Malbay in County Clare. Dermot, under the wing of a famous Clare fiddler and his father Vincie, went on to become 'All Ireland Champion Fiddle Player', holding the coveted award for three years

Full details of the instrument can be found HERE  

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